Marathon date: March 20, 2011


Once upon a time, lived a little girl with very little athletic ability. Minoo, as she was called, huffed and puffed, but never seemed to get on track. She had always admired the wild animals she had seen for their amazing athleticism, and frequently reflected on her own inferior genetics.

The years passed. Then, one day, when the little girl had reached the ripe old age of 42, she decided that she was going to run the marathon in her little quaint village of Los Angeles. Her friends and family were skeptical of her ambitions – partially due to knowing that she had had knee surgery years before and partially due to knowing that she rarely succeeded in such feats –  but supported her nonetheless.

So off she went, every Saturday morning at 5am, rain or shine, in the cold or heat, tired or not… to the always-amusing Venice boardwalk, where she trained for six months with a wonderful group called the “LA Road Runners”. She started out walking 3 miles, then 4, then 5, and – after weeks of sweat, hard work, and lots of additional training during the week – 12, 14, 18, and finally 20. Then once her knee got stronger, she began running as part of her weekly interval training. And before she knew it, for the first time in her life, she was turning into one of those runner people she had always admired from her car, as they would jaunt on the crosswalk in front of her.

But Minoo could not simply accept run/walking a marathon for her own well-being and fulfillment. She had been always loved animals, and realized that nothing in life seems to hold much meaning for her if it wasn’t helping others. So she decided to ask her wonderful friends, family, acquaintances, and maybe even strangers, if they would sponsor her run/walk to help raise money for her favorite charity:  Kitten Rescue.



Two months into her marathon training, as she was driving home on a rainy night, Minoo came across a 3-month old kitten who sat in complete stillness and shock in the middle of the lane on a large busy street, apparently after having been hit by a car. Quickly, she called her BFF, a boy named Bobby, and together they rushed the little kitten, now named “Holly,” to an emergency vet and called their trusted Kitten Rescue president for advice. The kind president told them that the emergency-fund-well was completely dry since not too many people had donated money to it. So Minoo and Bobby spent the next 12 hours frantically fundraising, to make sure Holly could receive all the medical attention she needed, in an attempt to save her life. Unfortunately, despite her spunk and strong will, little Holly did not make it long enough to be transferred to a specialist for surgery, and passed away in the middle of the night from her multiple internal injuries.

Deeply saddened, Minoo vowed that Holly’s death would not be in vain: she would raise money in Holly’s name to help other animals who had met a similar fate, in the hopes that they could be saved. What better way to honor little Holly then by saving other precious beings in her situation? So on that day, Minoo decided to raise money for Kitten Rescue’s emergency fund, the Hope Fund.



“Hope” had been a little kitten, who like Holly, had been hit by a car and rescued, but had not survived despite all efforts to save her. At the time, more money had been raised for Hope’s rescue than ended up being spent on her, and so began the Hope Fund in 2007, to help provide emergency funds for other cats and dogs in need.

Since then, countless animals have been saved through the Hope Fund and given a second chance for LIFE! Below are just a few. [For more information on the Hope Fund, please click here.]

Willow, another victim of a car-accident, had multiple surgeries paid for by the Hope Fund!

Samantha had been returned to Kitten Rescue a few months after her adoption, because she was having seizures and had lost her ability to walk. Over $3,000 from the Hope Fund was spent to treat her, allowing her to make a full recovery!

Houdini was found bleeding at the side of the road, either having been hit by a car or being thrown out of one. He has made a full recovery despite having sustained multiple head and leg injuries, and is now living happily with his adoptive family.

Bennie was a feral kitten who had been found with a broken hip and pelvis. After extensive surgeries (including insertion of pins) made possible by the Hope Fund, and a long recovery, Bennie was fully healed and able to enjoy the rest of his kittenhood. He has since been adopted and is living happily with his human family and feline best friend.


So, in memory of Holly, Minoo will set out to do her best, and attempt to complete 26.2 miles on March 20, 2011. But…

Will Minoo finish the 26.2 miles? And if she DOES, will she still be standing afterwards? Will kind, generous people sponsor her? Will a substantial amount of money be raised to save more dogs and cats? All that remains to be seen! Stay tuned… March 20 is just around the corner!

But in the meantime, PLEASE consider making a pledge-per-mile here:


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